As a youth and well into my young adult years, I stumbled and struggled with many negative hindrances such as low self-esteem, unhealthy self-image, promiscuity, lack of self-respect and a demeaning acceptance of how I should be treated and viewed by others. These issues, along with so many more, are what our young girls are facing and it has become my passion to reach out to those seeking change. In reflecting and with time, growth, mentorship and the guidance of Christ, I have not only overcome my past but have survived to share my story.

Takiya La’Shaune has a focused vision and seeks those of a common goal to unite and encourage our female youth’s enrichment. Uniting a strong foundation of Christian principles and beliefs, with community ties and relations, my purpose is to reach out, educate, dedicate, give to and change the lives of young girls and women all over the world. These women are our sisters, our daughters, our friends and even our mother’s. Most of who have had little to no positive influence, loving guidance or encouragement in their lives.

My mission is to create a diverse environment and hope for all women alike through the love of Christ, prayers, time and financial support. My goal is to share my story with as many as will listen, in the hopes of uplifting esteem, igniting hope and laying a foundation for futures. Through time, speaking and mentorship, my mission is to reach out to this nation’s middle and high schools, organizations, associations and clubs that desire a positive, influential change in the lives of our young girls.

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