Never Forsaken – A Memoir by Takiya La’Shaune

Takiya La’Shaune has a calling. It’s obvious in every chapter of her memoir, “Never Forsaken.” Takiya has opened her life and her heart in an effort to inspire and encourage women and girls who may have lost their way. Following the advice of a spiritual mentor, she began to record the events of her life in a journal that became her autobiography. Takiya is unflinching in facing the painful events of her childhood and adolescence. But she is not a victim. While telling of the challenging and even heart-breaking events over which she had no control, she also takes full responsibility for her own actions as a young adult and into the present. And in so doing she reveals that she is not a statistic, not a stereotype, not even just a survivor. She is not her past. She is an over-comer, powerful in her faith. Takiya not only tells her story, she leaves space for her readers to tell their own, with a journal insert and personal growth & self-reflecting prompts at the end of each chapter.

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Memoirs of an Un-Informed Beauty Queen

With the wit of a stand-up comic, the intellect of an aspiring scholar and the bantering chitter-chatter between great friends, Takiya La’Shaune offers her light-hearted yet profound inspiration on matters such as self-esteem, social etiquette and beauty as a whole – heart, mind, body and soul. Memoirs of an Un-Informed Beauty Queen is a must read book for any woman, young or old, seeking to find the crown that you already own.

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Takiya La’Shaune’s story is one many readers can relate to, especially women who’ve struggled with their personal histories and the choices they’ve made as a result of those early lessons. Her memoir offers positive affirmation of the beauty and strength each of us possess, and a testament to faith that makes clear that even the most difficult journey need never be taken alone. – Melinda Copp, freelance writer and founding editor of “The Writer's Sherpa Blog”

Takiya not only tells her story, she leaves space for her readers to tell their own. Just as her journal became a vehicle for her own development and transformation, she has provided others the opportunity to address their own painful experiences and come to terms with them. Each chapter ends with a review of lessons learned, blank journal pages, and a prompt to encourage the reader to self-reflection and growth.

I read “Never Forsaken” with an increasing sense of rightness. I have no doubt that many who read her book will not only have a sense of being understood, they will see that they, too, can overcome and become all they were created to be. – Natalie Daise, writer, artist and performer

"Never Forsaken" is the honest, unflinching story of one young woman's struggle to discover her own value in a contemporary culture bent on displacing it – and even denying it – at every turn. Like so many people, Takiya came of age in an atmosphere of miscommunication, betrayal and general psychic violence. Again and again, she rose above the darkest of circumstances by putting her trust in God. A clear, compelling illustration of faith's power to heal hearts and transform lives, Takiya's memoir was a welcome reminder for this reader who knows the way, but often strays from the path. – Margaret Evans, writer and editor, “Lowcountry Weekly”

"Never Forsaken" was very moving. There were things in my mom's book that I would have never imagined or thought her to have experienced. My mom is so strong, independent, loving, and faithful. I really could go on and on. My mom's book really surprised me, especially because I’m her daughter. I was in awe reading about my life in her words. Particular stories, such as the time we were in a car accident when I was around 5 or 6 years old, crashing but walking away without damage, amazed me. The things that happened to my mom as a teen and even an adult made me think of how much she has been through and the way she is now. Her life has taught me to appreciate and thank God for all the things that have happened to us in the past and to praise Him for all that He has for us in the future.

This book has helped me to look at things with an understanding of the people in my life; however, there is no change in my love for them. I was able to look back at my life and be grateful for what I have and all that my mom has done for my brother and me. I hope that this book will help you no matter what your situation is, good or bad, and to know that God will see you through and will always be with you. – Mayah Hawthorne, Takiya’s daughter

Imagine my happiness and joy when my best friend presented her story in a book. We talked about this possibility a lot over the years, laughing about all the funny memories, the not-so-funny memories, life’s lessons, and her journey. We discussed the hurt in her story and the love in her story. I always thought that my friend’s story would inspire because she continues to inspire me. I am proud of Takiya and her many accomplishments. I know readers will find strength, determination faith and the incredible strength in the ability to forgive in reading this book. – Jakisha Sellers

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